Residential & Commercial Park


With a future population that will exceed 500 thousand inhabitants (2017 census), the Urbanization Plan of the city of Beira, listed in the Master Plan of the City of Beira, is underway to develop the Residential & Commercial Park with availability of 400 hectares of land new ones with a privileged location (close to the airport and the city center) with enormous potential for housing development of different standards, from housing buildings, offices, shopping centers, hotel facilities and the like. Designed to basically meet the needs of affordable housing in the city of Beira, but also open to market response solutions, integrating various types of services in a single urban area with different public facilities such as: Schools, Medical Posts, Police Post, Fire Department and others.

The Residential Park is being developed using an approach that prioritizes sustainable development techniques, placing green areas and small lakes that served as water retention basins in order to reduce the effects of rain in the city of Beira.

In order to maximize investment in land and infrastructure development, we are promoting the construction of  buildings from 1 to 4 floors and we hope to make the project sustainable using a best practice approach with strong project sponsors (incl. Grants / contributions).


We focus on constructing family homes in buildings ranging from 1 to 4 storeys, located in highly valued areas. These developments are meticulously designed to maximise investment value, providing modern and comfortable residences.


The commercial complexes will offer a comprehensive range of services, including banks, offices, hotels, shops, restaurants, and other essential amenities. These buildings are designed to create a dynamic and integrated environment, meeting business demands and providing convenience and efficiency in a single location.


The community will have access to various recreational areas, including landscaped gardens, sports fields, gyms, and other leisure facilities. These spaces are designed with sustainable solutions, such as renewable energy and native landscaping.

The project offers a high-impact investment opportunity ensuring the appropriate return through risk mitigation strategies using:

  • Experimental approach with short investment cycles;
  • Cushion of equity and donations;
  • Ease of negotiation and legal comfort of tenure given by SDUBeira SA;
  • Financing facilitation arrangements for end users (agreements with local banks).


Residential & Commercial Park is being implemented in phases, allowing for short investment cycles. Currently, the pilot project is underway with an area of 14 hectares with ready landfills, sanitation network, water supply network and electricity network.

The pilot area and the remaining hectares are open for proposals for the construction of buildings that meet the needs included in the project and following the standards defined in the Master Plan for the Parque Residencial & Comercial project.