• Industrial & Logistic Park

Industrial & Logistic Park

About the Park

The port of Beira in recent years has seen a large growth in the volume of cargo that passes through the corridor, which consequently has been generating traffic congestion in the city many times.

In order to reduce pollution and noise near built population centers, bring a better quality of life for residents of Beira and extend the useful life by reducing maintenance costs for EN6 and Municipal roads, leveraging one of the main economic drivers of the city of Beira, needs were identified to improve some urban aspects in order to make port operations more flexible and to bring solutions to the main stakeholders of the corridor.

Two large milestones for the Residential & Commercial Park are in the portfolio: Construction of the new access road to the port of Beira (dedicated access to the port and the park) and development of the pilot phase of the park for the implementation of production and logistics units in a dedicated area, close to the Port of Beira and the main accesses (rail and road) to the “Hinterland”.

The new access road to the park and the port is being promoted by Beira municipality council (CMB) with support from the Netherlands, with several technical and feasibility studies of this important infrastructure already completed. Particularly, the possibility of a public-private partnership with the private sector is explored, in order to alleviate the state in this investment, since due to the commercial character that this road will serve (industrial area and port), enormous possibilities are presented, such as recovery of private investment through tolling, on a concession basis.

The Munhava Industrial and Logistics Park will serve as a logistics center for Beira Corridor, which is positioned as the shortest and fastest route to the Hinterland and one of the main import / export gateways to SADC countries (350 million consumers).


The park offers a strategic location in the city of Beira (near the port, road, railway, airport) with the aim of installing industrial and logistical services such as: Factories, Warehouses, Processing Industries, Manufacturing Industry, Transport and Logistics, and the like. .. that can benefit from the city’s strategic position as well as the logistics park itself.

The new road access dedicated to the Industrial & Commercial Park and the Port of Beira, will improve the logistical support infrastructures in the corridor, as well as alleviate and improve the safety and quality of life of city residents.

50 Ha were prepared for the pilot phase, which already has the necessary landfills, the sanitation, water and energy infrastructures necessary for the proper functioning of future facilities in the Industrial & Logistic Park.

Dedicated to companies from different sectors that have benefited from the park’s strategic location
Young people with higher academic training to meet the demand for work generating jobs locally
Industrial and logistical hub with the possibility of status as an Industrial Free Zone or Special Economic Zone



Suitable for the installation of factories that intend to export their products to points in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and India.

Factories: Textile | Footwear | Diapers | Household appliances | Artificial Hair | Plastics

Processing Industry

Transformation of raw material into value-added products. Availability of raw materials in abundance in the region.

Processing of: Oil & Gas | Metals & Mining | Food and beverage products | Wood | Drugs

Support Infrastructures

Opportunity for service providers to expand their operations generating high impact on the park.

Supply of: Internet, Electricity, Water supply, Security Services, and others.


Metallurgy and casting of construction steel | Metal Profiles | Cement | Heavy Equipment Hire | Architecture and Civil Construction Companies | Related

Mining Industry

Access to various minerals for export or processing.

Ex: coal | limestone – clinker


Opportunities for several other areas that can benefit from the large layer of companies that will exist in the park and that exists throughout the Port area



Name: Industrial & Logistic Park

Location: Munhava, Beira – MZ

Phase: Pilot (50ha)

Total Area: 900 ha

Year to be finalized: 2035

Estimated Investment: $2,860M

Project phases

The project is being implemented in a phased manner to better adapt it to the investor’s needs, now a new access road to the Port of Beira is being developed, which interconnects with the Industrial & Logistic Park, creating a synergy between the Port of Beira, the Industrial & Logistic Park and the Beira Corridor that connects the port to the Southern African Hinterland.

Simultaneously, a pilot area of 50 hectares of the Industrial & Logistic Park is being prepared with water, sanitation, energy and other infrastructures to meet the general needs of investors.

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