Our Portifolio

Our main projects

SDUBeira has two major projects underway that offer business and partnership opportunities, especially in Industrial, Residential and Commercial development areas in the City of Beira, one of the main access doors to Southern Africa.

You can find business opportunities in ​​Real Estate & Commercial development in the Marraza area, close to the Beira International Airport with around 400 hectares being designed for this purpose. The potential extends beyond housing, and includes shopping centers, office buildings and hotels.

In the industrial area, our Industrial & Logistics park in the Munhava area, with around 900 hectares next to the Port of Beira, offers favorable conditions for the implementation of production and logistics units in a dedicated area, with privileged access to the Southern Africa (350 million inhabitants) by sea, road and rail.

We also provide project management services, and we are managing a program financed by the Dutch Government, for the rehabilitation of municipal infrastructure damaged by Cyclone IDAI.