Project management

Project management

We provide project management and implementation services, which include technical economic feasibility studies, including structural calculations and works budget, as well as consultancy on bidding and competition projects, advising, supervising and managing works, carried out by highly trained engineers with extensive technical experience or with the support of consultants and subcontractors in various specialties, which guarantee control of all processes during the implementation of the project.

We develop engineering projects with the objective of establishing guidelines for conducting a construction based on organizational actions, programming, schedules, methodologies and criteria, aiming to increase productivity, set deadlines and costs in order to ensure quality throughout the implementation / execution process of the project.

Through a team of experienced and qualified engineers, we manage and supervise the technical and operational methods applied to the work, using quality control systems and procedures that guarantee investment safety standards.

Service used for works that need a technical opinion of engineering, inspection and monitoring in which it is necessary to have a previous knowledge of the costs of a work, execution deadlines, risk prevention among other elements to ensure the best execution of the project.

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