The city of Beira is located in Mozambique, a country that has been highlighted for having one of the fastest growing economies in the continent in the last two and a half decades and has been surpassing the regional and global growth averages, with rich oil and gas reserves that are attracting significant investments from all over the world, being named “Terra de Boa Gente” (The land of good people) and famous for its beaches linked to the Indian Ocean and its fertile lands that enhance local agriculture.

The city of Beira is strategically located in the center of Mozambique, which allows it to have a good connection with other provinces of the country and to have a logistical corridor that positions itself as “THE SHORTEST, FASTEST AND SAFEST ROUTE TO THE HINTERLAND”.

Naturally, the city of Beira is a Port city par excellence, as it has a port that offers several advantages from the point of view of operating costs to its main stakeholders, standing out for its connections with the hinterland and for having good maritime connections with Asia, Middle East and India.

The park is strategically located in the center of the country, directly connected to the Hinterland, either by road or rail, namely Zimbabwe (504km), Malawi (812km), Zambia (1370km), the Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC (1600km) and international trade routes by sea being supported by international shipping lines (MSCMAERSKCMA CGMOCEAN AFRICAPIL) with direct connections to Asia, the Middle East and India.


In order to boost the economic development of the city of Beira following the principles of sustainable city development, the Municipal Council of Beira and the Netherlands Embassy have come together to transform Beira into a Port city par excellence and build the largest green area in the country. In this context there are two major projects underway which are: Parque Industrial & Logístico and Parque Residencial & Comercial.

The Industrial & Logistic Park has more than 900 hectares next to the Port of Beira, offers favorable conditions for the implementation of production and logistics units in a dedicated area, with privileged access to the Southern African market (350 million inhabitants) by sea , road and rail. With the main vision being “BECOMING A REFERENCE LOGISTIC HUB FOR HINTERLAND COUNTRIES AND OPTIMIZING PORT OPERATIONS” for this, a new access road to the port is being created and a pilot area already exists with the conditions implemented for investment in industrial services and logistics such as: Factories, Warehouses, Processing Industries, Manufacturing Industry, Transport & Logistics, and the like …

SDUBeira aims to obtain the status of ZEE / ZFE in order to make the business environment more flexible and for future companies / factories to set up in the park to take advantage of existing ZFE / ZEE laws.

The Residential and Commercial Park, with more than 400 hectares, can find business opportunities in the area of real estate development in the MARAZA area, close to the Beira International Airport and the city center where around 15 hectares are being prepared for basic infrastructure for the It is made. This park was designed with the main vision of “RESPONDING TO ACCESSIBLE HOUSING NEEDS IN THE CITY OF BEIRA BEIRA”, but it also extends beyond housing, and includes market response solutions encouraging the construction of Shopping Centers, Hotels, Re-creation, Public Equipment and others … Always looking for the urban balance that appears in the CMB Master Plan.