Empowa commits to start unlocking affordable finance for Beira´s Maraza housing project

On the 22nd of November 2022, Empowa signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipal Council of Beira to start mobilizing funding for the construction of apartments in the Residential area of ​​Maraza. The project will consist of building affordable apartments for low and medium-income families that are resilient to the climate changes that the city of Beira has been experiencing, following the model of the CMB master plan.

Empowa is a financial platform that aims to unlock affordable and climate-smart housing opportunities in Africa. In Beira, Empowa works with its partner Casa Real Lda, which has a track record of delivering affordable housing in the Inhamizua area of ​​the city. Empowa already implements a ‘lease to buy’ pilot program in Beira with Casa Real that has the potential to increase access to affordable, climate resilient housing for over 60% of the population city ​​of Beira. This means that teachers, health professionals, fishermen, technicians and domestic workers now have the opportunity to use their formal and informal incomes to access quality, climate-smart homes.

To find out more details of the project implemented in the city of Beira, visit this link and see more details about the MOU signature day in this link.

Mayor of Beira Albano Carige speaks at the signing of the MOU with Empowa for the Maraza development

Empowa's Head of Delivery Marie-Odile speaks at the signing of the Maraza MOU.