2nd Edition Mozambique Agribusiness Industry and Logistics Forum

SDUBeira will be present at the 2nd edition of the Mozambique Agribusiness Industry and Logistics Forum organized by ACIS.

The event aims to stimulate development through sharing opportunities for the Agriculture, Industry and Logistics sectors, the Association of Commerce, Industry and Services (ACIS) will take place on the 15th and 16th of June from 8AM to 4PM, at the Golden Peacock Hotel, City of Beira, a Business, and Investment Forum of the Central Region, designated “Mozambique Agriculture, Industry and Logistic Forum”.

The event will focus on the themes of Business Environment, Access to Financing and Business Opportunities, as shown in the attached presentation. On the sidelines of the event, there will be an exhibition for which SDUBeira will be part and will make known the entities that will be present at the event: their main projects, business opportunities related to the projects and the impact they bring to the Logistics Corridor of Border.

To participate in the event, you can register through the following contacts: aciscoms@acismoz.com or acisadmin2@acismoz.com (the entire prevention protocol against Covid-19 has been ensured)